New thing's happenin'

New things happenin'

Well, seein's the Mayans were wrong and the world did not end, JackPine Web Design officially entered the hosting arena in January 2013. There are a lot of new things happening here!

So whats new exactly?

  • Full hosting services are now available
  • A plan to deploy a large inventory of custom templates utilizing the concrete5 CMS.
  • Private C-Panel Access
  • Web Mail
  • Unlimited email boxes
  • Dedicated IP & SSL Installation
  • We install the web site for you and give you the keys.
  • Don't see it? Ask us!

Continuing to offer:

  • Custom Designs
  • Maintenance plans
  • CMS Site Conversion (Only if your existing code is up to date)
  • Registrar/DNS management


Designing Responsively

Designing Responsively

Ever bring up a website in your smart phone and it looks really dumb?

One of the newest gettin' my feet wet projects is engaging the Foundation prototype put forth by the friendly folks at Zurb. Its true that people have so many different devices with which to surf the web, and if your house is like my house, we have everything from laptops, to notebooks and e-readers, to smart phones. Oh MY!

So many different devices, and we all want the info served up nice and tidy in all of them. Designing responsively meets that need. We cross browser test in all the major browsers and devices to make sure your site has the finest structure that will allow it to be successfully viewed in most devices.

Its a top priority that your user experience is a good one... its what we do, and we do it well.

Stay Responsive my friends!

concrete5 CMS Integration

We LOVE concrete5!

It goes without saying how much I love concrete5 and if you are looking for an easy to use content management system that's easy to handle yet gives you all the perks of MySQL power, then we need to talk. I get very giddy when I tell clients about concrete5!

Concrete5 is one of those programs that when designers like me come into contact with it for the first few times, we swear we hear angels sing. Imagine logging into your site from the front end and editing it right there, from anywhere. It's true... and it's awesomely popular too!

When I deploy or custom build a site for you, it comes complete with a library page that assists you in the editing learning curve. Need to know something thats not in it? Send me an email, and I can either write the steps for you, or cut a quick video... But for real, if you can handle a program like Microsoft™ Word, you can handle concrete5.

I told you it sounds too good to be true! Wait... did you just hear an angel sing?